Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm Back - I Think!

Wow, it has been a long time since I've written here!  I'm sorry!  Sometimes the patterns of life just change.

But I have missed writing here, and lately have been thinking I need to resume.

I had a very good sabbatical last year.  Coming back to full-time teaching has, of course, been busy, but not as traumatic as I had feared.  I do love teaching.  But I continue to wish that I had more time for writing.  I am better now at keeping the writing going even during the academic year.

I continue to be undepressed.  In fact, I'm back to being downright happy.

At the same time, I remain gravely concerned about the state of the world, and I am always wondering what I can do that might make a positive difference.

I continue to play music, cycling among my various flutes, focusing on one more than the others when a particular performance draws near.  In addition, I have been doing shape note singing as well.

I got a stress fracture this winter, and that slowed down my exercising, but, thankfully, it seems to have healed just in time for the return of spring!  Well, maybe spring.  There is snow in today's forecast!

I have ideas for more substantial postings, but I did want to start first with these brief updates.