Friday, June 25, 2010

New Grocery Store

I'm sure my avid readers have been dying to hear about our new grocery store, especially after my anticipatory dream (see my comment to that post)!

Well, I am happy to report that it is quite nice. Like in my dream, I was happy to see that they still have the little grocery carts (small ones that are two-tiered. I put my re-usable bags on the bottom tier, and pile my groceries in the top. These smaller grocery carts are much easier to maneuver than the full-sized ones). Unlike in my dream, it wasn't hard to find things. The grocery store is arranged like a grocery store, thank goodness!

This new grocery store gives you a credit for bringing your own bags! I had already gotten in the habit of bringing my own re-usable bags, so this was a happy surprise, to find myself rewarded for this! Even more amazing, if you bring three bags but only use two, they still give you the credit for all three! Ok, it's only 3 cents per bag, but, still, it's nice that they are trying to provide an incentive.

The other remarkable thing about our new grocery store is that there is the sound of thunder just before the produce gets misted! I'm not kidding!

They have just about everything that the previous grocery store had, though I'm still trying to train them to supply some of what I buy on a regular basis. They have some extra items, too, that the previous store did not have, like Smucker's all-natural crunchy peanut butter, which I never succeeded in convincing the previous store to get. One time, they got a shipment by accident and they sold out very quickly. When I asked about this, the employee I asked just said, "Oh, it was a mistake," and was not at all interested in hearing that I thought it might be a good idea for them to stock it regularly! I'm glad to see that the new store is taking note that the crunchy kind sells much better than the smooth.

We live in an economically depressed area, and I have come to accept that we just can't have the variety that urban areas have. In fact, this simpifies life. But when I see businesses not taking customer interests seriously, I do worry that they are missing out on potential opportunities to improve economic conditions. So, while I did generally like the old store and was sorry to see it leave, I very much appreciate this new store's eagerness to respond well to consumer suggestions.

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