Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life Keeps Surprising Me

One of the strange things I did not realize about buying a house is that everyone ignores the closing date you write into your purchase agreement. After all the paperwork and inspections are done, you wait and wait and have no idea when closing will be or when you can move. You want to plan, but you cannot. You just wait. When you dare to ask, people just shake their heads and say it could be weeks...or more.

This is bizarre.

Yet, it turns out kind of good that I couldn't move when I had hoped to do so, because I needed to attend to a crisis situation: a good friend in the hospital with some mysterious high "fever of unknown origin." After more than a week, the illness finally seems under control, but the friend is likely to need extra help after being released from the hospital.

Meanwhile, classes started. I appear for class, and (surprisingly) manage to teach, and then I'm back to the hospital.

Boxes. Half-packed stuff. Hospital. Worry. Semester starting. Students all over the place again. Colleagues needing all kinds of advice or input from me.

And people ask me, "How was your summer?" and I have no idea how to answer.

I see them stressing (in that happy, giddy, start-of-a-new-year sort of way) about the normal start-of-semester chaos and I feel very far away. If only that was all I had to worry about.


  1. Reading this entry over again with attentiveness and prayer.

  2. Updates:

    My friend is out of the hospital and doing much better. Apparently, there are lots of strange and little-know viral and bacterial infections out there, some of which can hit pretty hard.

    And I finally have a closing date for my new house, so it looks like I will move in a couple of weeks!