Sunday, October 26, 2008

Peace Studies Program

I've been really busy lately, in part because I and some other faculty have been working hard on a proposal for a Peace Studies minor at the college where I teach. I finally submitted the proposal earlier this month.

And I have just received word that it was accepted!!!

This is very exciting news!

There is a lot I could say, but for now I will just say this: I think it is really important that we are doing this, because we find our students hungry for new paradigms. They are worried about this world that they find themselves in, and they see that many of the well-accepted ways of thinking are not really working. They are prematurely cynical, but underneath that cynicism, they are desperate to find reasons to hope: reasons that hold real promise; reasons they can trust.

Peace Studies helps them to perceive new possibilities, for their own lives, and for a hopeful future.


  1. Congratulations! (Although I would not call peace a "new paradigm" LOL but perhaps new to those who have grown up since the first Gulf War.

    And also the sense of competition that is inherent in our society....that could use a shift, as well.

    I'm so glad that your proposal went through. So, does this mean that you will have new duties?


  2. Thank you, cath!

    You are right that peace is not really a "new paradigm," but our students are looking for something "new" in comparison to the perspectives they have so far been taught.

    And maybe even some of the tried and true principles and methods of peace and nonviolence need to be further developed and/or reworked in light of new problems in our rapidly changing world.

    Yes, this does bring me new duties. I will be directing the program, with the help of an advisory committee. It's good I've recovered from my burnout! :-)

  3. Can't wait to hear about this as it unfolds! What a great opportunity to expose your students to the message of Peace. It's one the world needs.