Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I strained or sprained my ankle. I missed a step coming down a staircase in the dark and toppled over. My first thought (as I struggled back up on my good leg, gingerly then putting my injured leg down to see if it could bear any weight) was, "Oh no! Is this going to throw off my running schedule?" The pain was unbearable for a few moments, but then I could walk, sort of, in a hobbly sort of way.

My ankle swelled up. I awoke several times that night in pain. The next morning (Monday), I was determined to go for a run -- until I got out of bed and realized I could still barely walk. I looked in a medical book about how to treat strains and sprains, and reluctantly realized that I really did have to take it easy for at least a few days.

So, I've been trying mostly to stay off it. It doesn't hurt very much any more, but it is still a little swollen. Maybe I can resume my running on Friday. I'll be tentative and careful and see how it goes.


But other things in my life are going reasonably well. It could be worse...


  1. Ouch! Thanks for the real-life data. I was almost hit by a taxi about three weeks ago, and I can still feel the pain of falling on my side with all my weight on concrete. I was going to ask you whether you'd seen a doctor, until I realized that I haven't. My excuse: everything seems mechanically OK.

    I always love your blog!

  2. Johan - Good to hear from you! I'm sorry about your own fall. Like you, I've not seen a doctor. Like you, everything seems mechanically ok, well, except for the swelling and pain, but that's normal for a strain or sprain so I haven't worried, but, er, well, the more I explain the more feeble I find my excuse to be...

    But seriously, it's getting better. I haven't gone running again yet because even though the pain is gone there's still been a little swelling, which has worried me. Just when the swelling was almost gone, pain and swelling both returned a bit today. I think it's good I've been playing it safe. If all goes well, I'll try to resume my schedule (gently) on Monday. If that makes things worse again, then I may consult with a doctor.

    The good news is that I'm really eager to get running again, instead of being secretly glad for the excuse to slack off! So I'm hoping that things do go well on Monday so that I can pick up again on the running while the enthusiasm is still high and before I've lost too much of the fitness I've so far gained.