Saturday, September 13, 2008

Running, Yes; Research, Well, Er...

My running still goes well and is still on track!

But my research plan? Well, er, once I realized that I'd lost momentum, I decided to pour energy this week into getting caught up and even ahead in certain lingering administrative matters (mostly having to do with my ever fascinating life as department chair), vowing to myself to get back on track with the research this coming week for sure!

But it's a dangerous tactic. Since of course I didn't quite accomplish all I wanted to accomplish, it's awfully tempting to put it off one more week. But that quickly would become a slippery slope! So I will do my best to resist that temptation.

Besides, a big part of my lack of success this week at accomplishing all that I wanted to accomplish was that I wasn't working very efficiently, in large part because I was swimming in the molasses of depressive symptoms again, which in turn I think was mainly due to losing a sense of who I am and what I feel called to do in life, which itself is due mostly to the fact that I've lost momentum on my research.

So, the solution to all of my woes is to follow my research schedule strictly again next week!

I've started by working on it a bit today. And it's helping my mood significantly.

Surprisingly, despite all of this background drama in my life, the teaching is going very well. I am grateful for that. My students this semester are really splendid!

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