Thursday, August 21, 2008

Letting Myself Be

What I'd like to do is go for long walks and wander aimlessly.

But a new academic year rapidly approaches. I still need to finish getting ready. Sometimes it's good to try to work. Other times, it's hopeless. Fortunately, I still have not had to press myself.

Sometimes I sink into real depression again. Other times, moments of being really glad to be alive break through like those rays of light between storm clouds -- unbelievably bright, but passing by so fleetingly. I am glad for them, though. They remind me that there really is a brilliant sun behind the clouds. I do know this even when I am not directly seeing it.

And sometimes I actually believe that I can enter into the new academic year with a whole new attitude: keeping "in touch" and staying centered.

Lately I've started avoiding work as much as possible, but I sense that new ideas about how to handle it well are brewing under the surface. So, when it is time, then I will be ready and I will know how to take it on with grace and effectiveness.

So I hope.


  1. I find that long walks and wandering aimlessly actually *helps* me deal with things like daily life, depression (I'm bipolar), etc. While wandering for hours (as I sometimes do) can be counterproductive, if you set aside even half an hour a day to wander, you may find your mood improving.

    By the way - I found your blog through Quaker Zebby, and I was wondering if you would mind if I added you to my blogroll? My own blog is here: (I only use my blogger account for commenting)

  2. Also, you are under no obligation to add me back, I just like to ask permission first. :)

  3. Hi Kelsey,

    Very good advice about walking and wandering aimlessly -- thank you!

    Yes, feel free to add my blog to your blogroll -- thank you for your interest!

    I've kept my own blogroll pretty simple -- just some metapages that direct readers to other listings of Quaker blogs. That's because once upon a time, my own blogroll got pretty long, and keeping it up to date took time, and I worried about offending those whose blogs I inadvertently did not include.

    Meanwhile, I shifted my own blog reading primarily to bloglines, where I subscribe to lots of blogs, and stay in touch that way. I have added your blog to my subscriptions there!

    Thanks again,

  4. The key with the walking is for it to be truly aimless. Don't go to the store, don't have a set goal or location in mind. Just walk and let your feet guide you.

    Think of it as a Meeting in motion. :)

    Thanks, and I'll add you!

  5. Yes, excellent advice! And I love that phrasing: a Meeting in motion! That captures the right sense about it. Thanks!