Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hanging on to Summer as Long as I Can!

People keep pointing out to me that the new school year is approaching. I try to ignore them.

I'm hanging on to summer as long as I possibly can. I'm trying to live fully in the present. The weather is still nice. The students are not back yet. I still do have time to keep writing, and to accomplish a few more things that I had hoped to accomplish this summer.

I am happy with how the summer has gone so far. I'm glad that I got a good research schedule going right away. I've gotten a lot done, and hope to finish the article I've been working on before the school year starts. If I don't quite make this goal (I've gotten distracted lately by computer problems. We got new computers at work this summer. Need I say more?), I'll just have to be sure to keep making time every day to keep working on it! It would be tragic to lose momentum on this project.

I am glad that I went to the conferences at Woodbrooke, and that I also scheduled research time there. Not only did I get a lot done, but I got good affirmation of what I am working on. It really means a lot when others value what you are doing!

It was also great to go to Boxwood again. It gave me the chance to take stock anew of my musical life and begin to formulate new ideas about the place of music in my life.

Both of these trips helped me to affirm dimensions of my life that are really important to me. I feel better in touch with who I really am and what my life is really all about.

I've made a lot of progress this past year in recovering from burnout and reorienting my life from other-centeredness to getting back in touch with my own sense of call. It will still be a challenge to live true to this shift once the school year gets going, because I will be very busy again, and will still be chair of my department. But I'll be patient with myself and will do my best.

There is more that I hope to accomplish this summer, before the academic year begins again. If I am successful, I'll be reporting on this; if not, I'll still be pleased with what I have done well this summer.

In the meantime, the summer is not over. There still is time, and I will continue to exercise the spiritual discipline of living in the present!

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