Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back Home Again

Yesterday I departed from Woodbrooke and returned home.

It was a long day of travels. Of course, flying west, we chase the sun, which extends the day. This time, we covered 3 hours in about 7.5 hours, making each hour 2 hours and 30 minutes long! (See my earlier post about my arrival). We were flying a northern route to avoid the worst of the strong headwinds, and we had spectacular views of Greenland!

My visit to Woodbrooke was amazingly wonderful in many ways. I re-met old friends, and met lots of new friends. I got a lot of good research done. I worked very hard, and was happily tired by the end of my two weeks. Although I was sad to leave, I was also really fine about returning home, even looking forward to it. I have a feeling I will continue to find good excuses to return, and so this felt more like a "good-bye for now" than a "good-bye and I may never see you again!"

One of the nice things about getting older is the way one's sense of time changes. Long stretches of time no longer seem like solid walls of separation. Time in and of itself no longer seems real, as such. Instead, time and space shift and bend to allow changes, and to give you different experiences. In that shifting, you are brought close to some people for a time, and to other people for another length of time, and you go back and forth, and in all of that, relationships are formed and evolve and change, and they are what is real.

Everyone feels close in my heart, and so I do not feel far away from them at all.

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