Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lots and Lots of Snow

Yes, sure enough, we have been having a snowstorm. I've lived in northern snowy lands for quite a few years now, but I do not think I have ever seen this much snow fall all at once.

As I walked home this evening, I was knee-deep in snow (even though the sidewalks had in fact been plowed several times), and the ridges on the edges of the road were sometimes up to my shoulders (usually 3-4 feet high; sometimes 5 feet).

People were out in the middle of the day trying to make a start on clearing driveways and such. My neighbor had a snow-blower, and came over and did my driveway. With my shovel, I did what snow-blowers cannot handle for both of us (front and back steps). It took me as long to clear the steps and back walk as it took him to use his snow-blower on my driveway! I was really grateful for his help.

But coming home this evening, there was almost no sign of all of our work. Yet it would be so much worse if we had not done what we did then!

We'll see what the official amount turns out to be. It's still snowing.

Tomorrow Final Exams begin. I will walk to work. (Anyway, I already took my car to the shop to get it fixed -- I knew that if I waited until tomorrow morning it might be a real challenge just to get it out!) It's hard to focus on normal life and act as if our dramatically changed landscape of Enormous Snow Mountains is nothing out of the ordinary. But that's how things will be tomorrow. Our students will be exclaiming and we professors will smile at their excitement but give those exams anyway... Our attitudes will say, "this is just how it is here." Life must keep trudging forward at its same relentless pace no matter what! (Sigh.)

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