Thursday, December 06, 2007


The after-effects of my mishap on Friday have been interesting. Physically, I have felt fine; psychologically I have felt far more shaken up than I expected to feel.

Lots of people have suggested I get snow tires. I've gotten along for years living in snowy lands without them, but this is a different car, and maybe it just doesn't handle as well on snow as my previous one did. So I do have snow tires on order.

And meanwhile my life has been further complicated now by all that is involved with trying to get my car fixed up again.

And we have gotten a lot of snow. So my winter exercise program of shoveling my driveway has begun! It's a 30-60 minute workout, depending on the amount and consistency of the snow. Monday's snow was heavy "igloo-building" snow -- the kind you can carve into blocks. It's a fun consistency, but heavy to dig out. Plus we got a lot that day.

Then I had two follow-up powdery snowfalls to shovel. Those are downright fun. When the snow is light and fluffy, you almost can dance while you shovel.

The shoveling, oddly, has been about all that I have been able to handle lately. Oh, and I have been going to class and teaching, and doing a surprisingly fine job, mostly. And I've kept up with quiz grading and the bare minimum of absolutely urgent tasks.

Then I come home with great ambitions to practice music and then put in a few more hours of grading and other catching up before going to bed, but last night I suddenly could not do anything.

So I told myself I had to do something frivolous and fun at least, to cheer myself up.

So I pulled out a book from my childhood: on string figures. And I ended up staying up much too late training myself to do again all of these string figures I used to be able to make as a child.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I was in a much better mood today and got a lot done.


  1. Dear Friend!! My heart was in my mouth when I began reading this entry, but then I calmed down as I read onward. Your writing always makes my day.

    I wish we could get some of your light and fluffy snow. We've had nothing but ugly thaw for the last ten days or so, sometimes freezing back into smooth ice as the pedestrians and cars polish the surfaces. Russians agree: let's have an honest winter.

  2. Johan,

    Thank you so much for writing! I appreciate your sympathy!

    And yes, there is something wonderful about an honest winter, and I find myself feeling relieved (even if sometimes a bit daunted) to see us having a good old-fashioned honest winter here again. Today when I was waiting for my new snow tires to be put on my car, other customers were talking about the weather, and they kept saying, "this is how winters used to be!" with notes of satisfaction in their voices. I took heart from their undaunted calm approval.

    I hope that you get an honest winter too! I've been very much enjoying reading your adventures and reflections on your blog!