Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stuck at the Bottom of the Grading Vortex

Having gotten partially through the grading over the weekend, I now find myself in that most horrible place of being well into the grading, but life's busyness keeps intervening and not letting me finish! Today, for example, students came to talk to me during office hours! Can you imagine?! Of course it was actually wonderful. I love talking with students one on one.

Then we had faculty meeting. I took some logic quizzes to try to furtively work on grading those when things got a little dull, but things didn't get dull. Besides, someone sat directly behind me -- intrigued, I think, at watching me grade just before the meeting got rolling. "What is she grading?" he may have wondered. (Indirect truth tables.) There I am pointing seemingly at random to little Ts and Fs -- suddenly I circle one and draw a line and write something cryptic like, "when trying to prove validity you should set this one up as F." It was fun to think I might be amusing my colleagues, but in actual fact I am sure that no one was really paying any attention to me at all.

Our faculty meeting was actually very interesting, because we were making changes to some academic policies that I was pleased we were changing. We were making our grading practices a little more forgiving.

Now I must plunge back into the grading and see if I can finish the quizzes and a batch of papers tonight. I will be very happy if I can accomplish at least this much.

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