Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back from FAHE

I am now back from this year's Friends Association for Higher Education conference, held at Earlham College. The theme this year was "Scholars for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability." Since I played a big role in planning this year's conference, I cannot speak "objectively" about how it went, but I got the sense that it was a meaningful experience for the participants. This year, we had times for people to meet in small groups to share how the conference theme applied to their own lives, and people really seemed to enjoy this opportunity to have reflection time and connection time built into the conference program (highly unusual for academic conferences!).

This conference also provided an occasion for me to meet Richard M, of "A Place to Stand," in person! It was wonderful to have this opportunity! Just as I suspected from his blog and his comments on my blog, he is a fine person and I really enjoyed talking with him.

Now that the conference is behind me, the last of the Big Projects I have been involved in this year is complete and my summer opens up suddenly with far less busyness and stress, and I am so glad!

I plan to write more about thoughts and ideas generated during this year's conference in future postings. The conference got me thinking about Quakerism (as well as higher education, and the intersection of the two) in new ways. It was also interesting to hear some buzz about the Quaker blogging world during the conference. So, I'll be sharing more about all of this soon!

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