Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Sign?

This past week was Spring Break at the university where I teach, but I went in to my office every day and worked very hard. I have so much on my plate -- too much, to be honest. Towards the end of the week, I was feeling tired and dismayed, because for all that effort, I'm still not caught up. So, I'm both not caught up and I'm tired.

As I woke up this morning, I thought, "even though I'm not caught up, I should take this as a sabbath day. I need rest."

But I feel guilty, because the work I didn't get to was to catch up on grading of student work. So, after doing my usual Sunday household chores, I fired up the ol' computer to collect student papers submitted online. But I discovered to my astonishment that my university's server seems to be down: utterly and completely down. I can access other web pages, but not those.

Is this a sign?


  1. I also chose to work through my Spring Break writing a paper on philosophical method. (I couldn't help noticing that on your university webpage you are teaching a course on metaphilosophy. This is a topic that interests me greatly. Possible topic for the philosophers at FAHE?) Anyway I felt tired rather than refreshed when classes started up again. I'm still trying to push through to the end of the term when I will have some time off.

    I think you ought to seriously consider the possibility that you have taken on a bit too much. You are working seven days a week are you not? Don't dismiss this as a mere coincidence too readily.

    By the way I'm a INTJ and my introvert score ranges from strongly introverted to mildly introverted over the years and that depends on what roles I am playing. The more time and energy I have to put into public roles the less introverted I get, but the more I devote attention to research and teaching in exclusion to administrative work the more introverted I get.

  2. Yes, I definitely have too much on my plate. With one exception, it is mostly not optional -- it is just what my job requires at this time. And the one project I did choose is not something I can let go of at this point (but is a project of finite duration). I've been doing a lot of praying about all of this.

    Hmm, INTJ. It strikes me that this works very well for philosophy! :-)

  3. Richard,

    Also, I meant to say -- congratulations on working on your paper on philosophical method! It's great that you were able to make progress on your research!