Saturday, March 17, 2007

More Snow!

The weather got warmer for a few days, and even though we had a lot of snow on the ground, much of it melted. We were down to nothing left but the Piles.

In snow country, the Piles that form along the edges of roads and the sides of parking lots can become small mountains. It takes them weeks and weeks to melt. They are packed and icy and laced with sand. When they finally do melt, smaller piles of road sand are left over. The strips of grass alongside roads, sidewalks, and parking lots need special loving attention each spring.

Now it is snowing again. We have what looks like another five or so inches. We may get up to seven. Just as the sidewalks became clear of ice, making me think that it is time to start up my running program again, this new snowfall comes, and I see that my snow shoveling training period is not yet over for the season. This snow will offer quite a workout -- wet and heavy, no doubt.

I should have known. After all, it's still only March. Sometimes March is the snowiest month. Silly of me to think that just because there was some melting, that would be it! We could very well have a couple more significant snowfalls before spring really comes.

But I like the clean whiteness of a fresh snowfall! Briefly, all of the accumulated road sand is covered over again. Briefly, tales of local wildlife will be revealed in the new crisp footprints across the sparkling blanket of snow. Briefly, we will have that special kind of brightness both by day and by night that comes from the pervasive background of whiteness over the land.

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