Friday, January 05, 2007

Another New Year Dawns

After traveling to see family for Christmas, I came back and had to finish my grading! Because the end of exam week pushed so close to Christmas this year, grades were not due until just after New Year's.

Then, after I got the grades in, I fell ill. I think it's just a cold. But because I have a significant sore throat, I'm a little worried that I might have strep again. I don't feel as bad as I did then, so I'm hoping this is just a cold that will quickly pass.

Not feeling well has made it unusually daunting facing all that I have to face now that a new year begins.

But, returning to my Bible reading has been surprisingly helpful. As I read this grand narrative about a people's relationship with God, I am reminded of the power of formulating a grand narrative for one's own life. It is the times when I have a positive narrative for my life and a positive image of my self that I feel centered and life's normal challenges do not daunt me.

I do sometimes have wonderful insights that are very helpful, but how easy it is (especially when life is too busy?) to enter into states of consciousness in which I forget them! One of the most important things about using spiritual disciplines to structure one's life is that good spiritual disciplines can help keep you reminded of who you are and what your life is about -- another theme I am seeing as I read the Bible.

My not feeling well has made me pause before plunging headlong into the busyness again, and in my pausing, I become aware of my despair, and in my despair I become aware that I've lost touch, and in my awareness of having lost touch, I know to search for my way back, and as I search, I find -- little by little, like gentle raindrops falling.

So, this is where I am right now.

(Soon I will catch up on responding to comments to my recent postings!)


  1. CS,

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Richard,

    Thank you! I saw on your blog that you had a cold for most of the month of December! I hope that you are feeling fully recovered now, and that your move to a new office is complete!


  3. CS,

    Thanks, I've even started exercising regularly again and feel happy in the new office.

    How about you? Are you jogging still? I've been thinking about a new year's resolution. I typically make such resolution during January to give myself plenty of time to consider carefully. What I am considering is resolving to spend at least three afternoons per week working on research. I've gotten lazy about writing these past few years and need a little push. If I nag you about jogging will you nag me about research?

  4. Sure! :-)

    But I have to get over my own cold first... I don't know if starting up the jogging again right now will help me recover quickly or will make things worse.

    It doesn't help that our temperatures have been shifting rather wildly back and forth between being unseasonably warm (but rainy) to being bracingly cold...