Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Rest of the Story

Continuing from yesterday:

So, in a fluster about the short-notice possibility of a radio interview, I wondered whether I was up for it in my busy-again life. I consulted with trusted friends, got myself updated on the issues the radio program people wanted to interview me about, and slept on it. I woke up surprised to be greeted by a steady stream of eloquent thoughts, and said, "that's it! I'm doing it!" I rushed early to my office, rearranged my schedule, left e-mail and phone messages saying I could do it, and resumed my preparations and the gathering of my thoughts.


My class (the one non-negotiable in today's schedule) inched closer and closer. No word yet.

I turned my attention to getting ready for class, hoping that the shift of attention wouldn't break the fragile thread of my newly gathered thoughts.

Still no word.

Now I was hungry. Normally I like to get an early lunch because my class is at noon. What do I do? Time is running out!

Finally an e-mail arrived. They had someone else lined up. But they did want to be sure to try again to interview me the next time the topic comes up!

I sighed and went for lunch.

Surprisingly after all that, class went quite well.

While this was disappointing at the time, in a way it's just as well. My work on it this morning actually contributes towards something I'm writing. And I wasn't really sure I was ready to come "out" with these particular ideas until this piece of writing is finished and published, anyway.

And I'm glad I didn't let fear stop me. And I showed myself that I can move quickly on something new and unexpected without throwing the rest of my life into total chaos: my class went well! I can trust myself more than I usually do.

And I appreciate the affirmation that they still want to keep me on their radar for possible future interviews -- that must mean they liked that first one I did a couple of years ago!

So, it's okay. After all, I count this a good day.

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