Thursday, April 20, 2006

Struggles and Blessings

I found myself writing the following in a comment in reply to a posting called Fear and Friends in Lorcan's blog. I post it here because it struck me as a terribly challenging but supremely important ideal.

A truly blessed life is not a life without struggle, but a life of handling struggles so well that you and all whom you struggle with are made better people in the end.

When I was younger, I wanted an easy life (that is, a life in which I would easily find my way to solving important world problems -- a life in which the sea would part for me, making way for me on my noble mission). Now that I am older, seeing that my life has not at all been easy for me so far, I realize that I could never have begun to learn how to address significant world problems without being subject to some of them myself.

I'm still in the "being too busy being subjected to these problems myself to be able to do much about them" phase, but I nevertheless remain (somewhat) optimistic that because this kind of life is good training ground for one hoping to make a difference, blessings might yet emerge from my struggles someday...

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