Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New Video of 3 of the 4 CPT Hostages

A new video of the CPT Hostages has appeared, this time showing three out of the four hostages. The one not shown is American Quaker Tom Fox. In the news articles I've read on this (a helpful starting point is the Free the Captives website), no one is sure of the significance of Tom's not being present. But an earlier video only showed two (Tom Fox and Norman Kember were present; Jim Loney and Harmeet Sooden were not -- the video released on December 8), and so I'm trying not to interpret Tom's absence from this one as a bad sign. But of course it is hard to know how to interpret this -- or the fact that they are still being held.

How much can one read between the lines? Some articles have said that the three hostages on this latest video were appealing to Gulf leaders and their own governments to help bring about their release. Another article I read, giving background information, mentioned that while the British and Canadian governments have been involved in trying to work for the hostages' release, the U.S. government has not. With this being the theme of this video then, could this be the explanation for Tom Fox's absence from the video? They knew that his own appeal to his government would not be likely to have any effect?

It is hard to know. All we can do is keep praying -- for them, for Jill Carroll, for all who are held captive.

Meanwhile, here's a link to an article I found somewhat encouraging.

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