Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jammy Scones

Today at teatime everyone was all excited about “jammy scones.” Scones are very much like what United Statesians call “biscuits” (whereas “biscuits” here refer to both “cookies” and “crackers,” and so it can get a bit confusing). And jam is sometimes a very unsweet marmalade.

So, I have to confess that I snickered a little to myself when I saw everyone getting excited about these. Excited about some jam on some biscuits?!? When someone came up apologetically for seconds while I was having a look (she said, “These are not overly sweet, so I think it should be all right to have a second…”), I decided that for my own full cultural immersion, I needed to go along and try one as well.

And it was wonderful. There was a delicacy to the scone that you don’t often find in American biscuits. And it was just a tiny bit sweet, as was the jam. It was indeed very nice.

But I have the sense that what people especially appreciated was the time someone took to put butter and jam carefully on each one. The fact that the scones were fresh-baked and delicious is just par for the course here – nothing that special about that, however good. What delighted everyone was the extra loving care of cutting them each in half and putting butter and jam on for us.

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