Monday, January 30, 2006

And More News on Jill Carroll Too

A new video of Jill Carroll has now been released as well, showing that she is still alive (but obviously distressed). Here are some accounts:

Christian Science Monitor
Al Jazeera
BBC News
New York Times

According to the New York Times article, it is not that the video has no audio, but that Al Jazeera does not air the audio when the show the videos, because of concern that hearing the voices would be too distressing for the listeners/viewers.

I had been worrying a lot that Jill Carroll might have been less prepared than the CPT four for something like this. Plus, she was captured alone, and her interpreter was killed. If she witnessed her interpreter's being shot, I'm sure that has haunted her as well. It must be very very hard. In praying for her, I pray most of all for her to have strength and courage, and for her to feel a sense of reassurance, a sense of God's love.

Her case seems to have generated a lot more attention (and sympathy) in U.S. reporting than the case of the CPT four. In addition, shortly after the first video of her was shown, demanding the release of women Iraqi prisoners, the U.S. did in fact release five women (ever insisting that it had nothing to do with the kidnappers' demands). Another four women are still being held. Sadly, it makes sense that, in her case, the kidnappers may be thinking that holding her longer and airing a new video might yield some success in obtaining the release of the other four women

Still, what is hopeful is that this is the first sign since the January 20 deadline that she is still in fact alive; furthermore, there is nothing in the Al Jazeera report specifying a deadline or a specific threat.

I hope they do let her go.

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