Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Kind of Complexity I'd Rather Not Embrace

A new complexity enters my life -- and the lives of many Bloggers now -- comment spamming. I watched it happen to others. Then it started happening to me.

At first there is that innocent delighted thrill: "6 comments already?! Wow!" Then you see that 5 "anonymous" commenters each say things like "nice blog!" followed by a link to their site -- but the names of the links are rather dubious...

Then you go through the "delete" process for each one, and it gets tedious. For sensitive souls like me, there is the added psychological anxiety of wondering whether you might accidentally delete a friendly comment.

So, this is a complexity I'd rather not embrace. But I like Blogger. So I optimistically said, "this is such a sudden and intense problem, surely they know about it, and maybe they have suggestions." To my delight, there was a link on my "dashboard," directing me to how to address unwanted comments by using "word verification." I am very impressed that they have addressed the problem so quickly!

So, this is why I now have "word verification" set for commenting. I apologize for the extra step friendly folk must take to leave their comments now. I myself am willing to do that when I leave comments on others' blogs, to help them manage the comment spamming problem.

We live in such a strange world. (Sigh.)


  1. Ha! I just noticed that even I have to do "word verification" when I leave comments on my own blog myself! Fair's fair! Well, I'm learning some interesting new words...

  2. I felt disheartened too when I saw the 5 spam comments on your last blog entry. That's why I made a point of throwing in two cents... just to add a bit of positive energy when you experience the infringement of that mercenary assault on your space.

    Good to know about the "word verification" I will put it to use should the problem arise on my own blog. Ah! You've done the research for two of us and I shall benefit from your effort!

    warm regards,

  3. P.S. There is also an option in "blog settings" to disallow anonymous comments. Only blogspot members can post a comment. This is the setting that I use... not sure if it's been effective but I've been spam-free thus far.

  4. Hey nice blog! I'm definitely going to bookmark it! Keep it up!

    By they way, if you ever get the chance, visit my blog, The Complex Mind by Mr. Ortiz. It's basically a blog about my life, and about how even in simplicity one can find complexity.

    LOL - This was a joke, but seriously, very cool site. I completely agree with how stupid spamming is, and I've recently implemented the word verification thingy on mine also. I'd rather have ZERO comments than 10 SPAM...

  5. Ha ha! For a moment I was almost fooled -- then I recognized your name from an earlier comment! I will check out your website. I like how you describe it: "how even in simplicity, one can find complexity"! That's great!

  6. I'm really glad that you wrote a post about this. I read it last week but hadn't given it much thought until I wound up with some annoying spam. Once I left a comment for you I noticed the word verification, which made it easier for me to track down the solution. The rate that these spammers work is astonishing. Seems that they might find something else in life that would bring them more satisfaction!