Saturday, July 30, 2005

Luggageless Vacation

Although I didn't have my luggage during my entire vacation (see previous post), I did have a very nice time. We were in the mountains in Colorado, and it was beautiful.

We went up to the Continental Divide one misty, cold morning. Here are some photos. We drove up a long rugged path to get there, and I also took pictures along the way there and back again. At the top, we were at 11,800 feet.

It was really nice to be in such a beautiful setting.

I really liked these lovely red flowers (picture on right), plus all of the other wildflowers I saw. I also enjoyed watching how the flora changed as we went higher up.

Here are some more pictures (it is kind of hard to arrange them very artistically, so I apologize if they end up in funny places as you view this):

Having a luggageless vacation is not so terrible if you are with understanding people, have access to a way to buy or borrow necessities, and have remembered to pack the really important things, like your camera, in your carry-on luggage!

It's kind of liberating, actually, to be stripped down to what's most important to you. Then to stand there in such a beautiful setting, vividly aware of yourself in the world in such a pure way, is both humbling and empowering.

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