Friday, July 29, 2005

Lost Luggage

Hi. I'm back again.

This third and last trip of my summer was a trip to Colorado for a family reunion. It was a wonderful trip. But it had a surreal dimension: my checked luggage did not arrive with me. In fact, it never arrived, for the entire week.

Daily calls to the lost luggage telephone number became increasingly frustrating when even the sophisticated computerized system gave up on me after a few days, no longer giving me the daily message, “unfortunately, your luggage has not yet been located,” but instead tried, unsuccessfully, to divert me to a real human being (whereupon which I repeatedly received the message: “All of our representatives are busy helping other customers. Please call back in a few hours,” except when I instead got a busy signal and then the system would hang up on me).

The day before our return, we finally got through to a real human being, who told us that they remove the tags after three days, but there was a bag matching the description of my bag in the Denver airport—could I identify a few items in my luggage?—if it was a match, they’d be sure to deliver it to me today… With much hope, I mentioned a few items ("oh, and there's a label on the bag with my name on it as well..."). Later that day, there was a telephone message informing me that it was a match and they’d get it to me that day.

We checked that evening. The people at the reception desk at the camp where we were staying said, “Unfortunately, those deliveries tend to come between 10:00 pm and midnight.” But this was hopeful news to us. I had great fun telling everyone that my bag was likely to arrive at midnight the night before we were all leaving!

Since I went to bed before midnight, it wasn’t until the next morning that I learned that the bag had not in fact arrived. Although by now I had arranged that they would send the bag back home to me, I did check at the Denver airport after arriving there to see if they had heard any more where in fact the bag was at this point, and to my enormous surprise, they came out of the back room with my bag, for me to check through myself on my flight home!

So, briefly, I had possession of my bag again! I happily opened zippers to confirm that my stuff was all still there, and wheeled it to the ticket counter to check it through.

Half a day later, when I finally arrived wearily at my final destination, I went hopefully to baggage claim, only to discover that, again, my bag did not make it. By now I was well-experienced in chatting with the lost-luggage folks.

Will my bag actually return today, as predicted? Stay tuned!...

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