Thursday, June 09, 2005

Learning About Blog-World

Life is calming down. I'm feeling I've at last moved more fully into contemplative scholar mode. I spent a huge part of yesterday reading and taking notes (in preparation for an article I'm writing). Nice to be back to being able to spend most of my time in this mode!

When I needed a break from that, I did some more exploring of Blog-World, and finally am learning ways to find kindred-spirit blogs. But it still surprises me how clever you have to be to find them. Am I missing something obvious? Are there good pages that organize similar blogs? (I do notice that some people's blogs themselves do a nice job with this!)

I'm especially interested in finding other bloggers interested in Quakerism, contemplation, vocation and calling, early music, or traditional music.

Also, I'm impressed at the fancy things that people do with their blogs. I apologize for not even having a list of links yet! Soon, I hope!


  1. >Are there good pages that organize similar blogs?
    >I'm especially interested in finding other bloggers
    >interested in Quakerism,

    Hi Contemplative,
    The secret truth may be that a lot of bloggers are kind of disorganized and don't think very much about adding links. Less can be more. I try to pull my favorites together in a friendly way with my Subjective Guide to Quaker Blogs, which you might find useful.

    I'm glad to see your blog, it looks great. I know what I'll be reading on and off through work today!
    In Friendship
    Martin Kelley
    aka the Quaker Ranter

  2. Thank you, Martin, for this suggestion! Your guide is very helpful, and I very much appreciate the other sites you maintain!

    And I have been learning that blogs have links to other interesting blogs -- I'm starting to construct a list of my own favorites, and now it keeps growing!