Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Way Too Busy!

Ok, my optimistic attempt to cast my overly busy life in positive terms ("embracing complexity") has been severely challenged this week! I'm feeling quite run into the ground. I did just finish one major project and now have a brief moment to breathe -- very brief.

But, in the midst of my despair about this ("why am I not getting better at handling all of this -- why is it getting harder instead of easier?!"), I had an insight. Over time, there has been a slow but steady increase of requests for my time and energy. So, the problem is this: the rate of this increase has outpaced the rate of increase in my own efficiency.

In other words, I have been getting more efficient -- but just not at a rate that keeps up with the growth in requests on my time!

Obviously, I need a better strategy for how to deal with this. Any suggestions?

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