Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kinds of Busyness

True to the theme of "embracing complexity": busyness, I have noticed, can sometimes actually be uplifting and energizing. Many people take "being too busy" always to be problematic. In fact, "being too busy" and "being stressed" can be regarded as synonymous. Early last week, I was definitely feeling that way, (uncharacteristically) telling almost anyone who asked me how I was that I was exhausted, and that even too much of a good thing is still too much. There are certainly times when that is indeed true.

But then something strange happened that very much surprised me -- over the course of my busy week, I felt the exhaustion gradually lift, and I genuinely felt energized by the end. Even experiencing this happen, it was hard to imagine that it could be possible! I thought I needed Pure Rest -- for an extended length of time! Sometimes that is what a person needs -- time in which you simply do what you feel like doing from moment to moment rather than pressuring yourself to follow a plan or do specific things.

So, why was it that last week's busyness turned out to relieve my exhaustion and energize me? I think because it was a different kind of busyness. It was a change of pace from the kind of busyness in which I was being asked to give in various ways, to a kind of busyness in which I was listening to good ideas and could simply absorb, and think, and process. I took copious notes, and many of my notes were a kind of brainstorming about how I might apply and use these ideas. There, in the midst of lots of people and lots of ideas, I found a kind of contemplative space, and gave myself permission in that space to accept and take in the nurturing that I needed.

Being aware of what feeds our souls is so very important -- and giving ourselves the permission to accept such nurturance where we can find it is important too.

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