Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Take That Back

Ok, never mind. Things are not at all calming down yet. We've been having faculty development workshops all week -- which have been great, but I'm really ready for a bit of a break! And while I'm out doing those workshops, other kinds of work pile up, and deadlines march closer and closer. Did I mention I'm really ready for a break?!?

But, again, our workshops have been very good. We are talking a lot about intentionality, motivation, meaningfulness, mindfulness. We are talking about engaged dialogue, and cultivating students' appreciation of the importance of really listening to each other, and trying to understand points of view different from their own.

And so I keep thinking about awareness, perceptiveness. The philosopher Martha Nussbaum has written about the moral value of being perceptive. I like people who are alert through life, awake, aware -- people who notice things, even what is subtle or fleeting.

If in education we try to cultivate students' intentionality, we are encouraging them to become more aware, of themselves and others. This is really important. I agree with Martha Nussbaum, that this kind of perceptiveness has moral value.

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